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La Verne, CA Residents - Call 949-616-2958 anytime to ask about our latest Furniture Restoration specials!

Restoration Reupholstery - Furniture Restoration Reupholstery - LA OC IE SD

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Call us and let us know the story, send us some pictures, or just talk with Fred to set up your In Home Consultation.

It's at that point you get to touch and feel, see and choose the fabrics and styles to complete your Restoration.

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Restoration Reupholstery LA, Re Upholstery OC, Upholstery Inland Empire & Ventura - 949-616-2958 Free Design Consultation, Pick Up and Delivery

Dining Room Chair facelifts provided by Fred Curiel of Restoration Reupholstery.

Restoration Reupholstery - Having experience in the Furniture business for in excess of 25 years, Fred Curiel provides you with impeccable workmanship, quality, perfection, with outstanding customer service, at prices that match the lowest available in orange county.

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| Custom Upholstery
| Restoration Reupholstery 949-616-2958

Baltimore | Free Pick Up and Delivery - SD VENTURA LA OC IE | EXPERT Antique Furniture Restoration and Custom Upholstery

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Restoration Reupholstery buys factory direct, which guarantees you the chance to see all options and styles with free no nonsense quotes (Email us a picture and the story – Fabric wish, rebuild, repair, restuff, etc…) at amazing prices. Buy new & then call to see our mobile show room bring out the Fabric and foam options to help make the decisions within your budget. Freds Restoration projects often end up better than when you bought it… Change the Fabric to the color, foam, lengthen or Customize into the piece you wanted it to be!

Custom Upholstery | Furniture Restoration Reupholstery

Fred Curiel‘s 33 plus years of experience in all aspects of the Furniture business give him the ability to offer impeccable workmanship, hand crafted perfection, outstanding customer service with prices that match the best deals available in Southern California | Furniture Re Upholstery,Leather Furniture Restoration, Beds Upholstery recovering, Reupholster a Dining room chair

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Restoration Reupholstery also offers free pick up and delivery from your door and back which gives you the freedom to just let Fred have it and bring it back better than new.

We're experts and offer the following: Reupholster SOFAS, Inland Empire, Custom UPHOLSTERY, PILLOW RESTUFFING, Furniture Restoration HOW TO, Custom Upholstery FURNITURE, WOODEN Furniture Restoration in and around the La Verne, CA area.

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